One Week In Northern Norway: My Favourite Photos

Norway in winter

Because I’m a little bit insane and because I’m definitely a creature of the north (my idea of a nightmare is summer in Italy – ugh, the heat!), I decided to spend a week in the Norwegian Arctic this winter with my pal Amanda. NBD.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that my love for Norway is well documented through an obscene quantity of photos. What can I say? It’s a photogenic place. And Northern Norway was no exception; I captured over 2000 shots in a week! Below are some of my favourites. Not all of them are perfect as far as technique goes, but what they all have in common is that they bring a smile to my face every time I look at them.

Welcome to Northern Norway and the Arctic Circle!

My Favourite Photos From Northern Norway


things to do in TromsøThe beautiful Tromsø harbour at twilight

I spent the majority of my trip in and around Tromsø, as this is the commercial and tourist centre of the Norwegian Arctic. It’s a great base for winter lovers because outdoor adventures are easily accessible, not just physically but also logistically; over 50 tour operators have offices here.

northern norway
Tromsø only gets a few hours of daylight in wintertime – and golden hour lasts pretty much all day!

northern norwayThe light was A+ during my visit

northern norwayFlying into Tromsø doesn’t suck.

Northern Lights

This is the big ticket item. Anyone who goes to the Arctic Circle in the dead of February secretly – or not so, in my case – hopes to see the fickle and notoriously unpredictable light show. Out of the three Northern Lights expeditions we went on, we only caught them once – but what a show it was!

My photos suck because I was vastly underequipped for this kind of photography (seriously, photographing the Northern Lights is so hard, you guys!) and because at some point I just decided to sit back, let the tears flow freely, and just enjoy the goddamn show Mother Nature put on for me.

northern norwayThe most wonderful show at the Tromso Friluftsenter basecamp.

northern norway northern norwayUnexpected show at the Holmen Husky Lodge

northern norwayMy first ever display! Very faint, but pretty cool nonetheless (with Peskatun).

Sleigh rides, cuddles, and reindeer

I have no shame in admitting that a whopping portion of my Norway photos is from dogs – in fact, I have so many that I am preparing a separate post about that very topic. These husky are so affectionate and playful, you’d be hard-pressed to resist their charm and photogenic looks. I made so many new fluffy friends on this visit ♥

northern norway northern norway northern norwayDogsledding with Tromso Villmarksenter

things to do in Tromsø

[col1]northern norway[/col1][col2]northern norway[/col2][col3]northern norway[/col3]

northern norway northern norwaynorthern norway

Outdoor adventures

Now, I’m well aware that it’s a stretch to call snowmobiling and snowshoeing “outdoor adventures” but hey, considering this is as extreme as I get my sense of adventure is quite narrow.

northern norwaySnowshoeing with the locals with Tromso Outdoor

northern norwayBack from our ice fishing expedition near Alta with Glod Explorer

northern norwayI drove a snowmobile! And made it back in one piece! (with Sorrisniva)


I spent the first three days of my Northern Norway trip in Alta, just a 30-minute flight north of Tromso. It’s a much, much smaller town with a limited infrastructure but it doesn’t have Tromso’s hordes of tourists. Most expeditions are with small groups, making it easy to connect with the locals. It was also quicker to get to attractions outside the main centre, too.

[left]northern norway[/left][right]northern norway[/right]
Inside the Peskatun lavvo while waiting for the show to begin

northern norwayThe Northern Lights cathedral in Alta, as seen from my room at Thon Hotel

northern norwayInside the Sorrisniva igloo hotel



northern norwayI discovered this boat on Instagram and asked our guide Jonathan to make a special stop so that I could see it. Judging by this shot, I think it was worth it!

northern norwayThe view from the Alta Museum terrace. I wouldn’t mind staying in that yellow cabin!

Driving around Northern Norway

northern norwayOne of the beautiful mountains we drove past while heading to Camp Tamok

northern norwayDriving in Northern Norway doesn’t suck!

northern norwayDramatic ice waterfalls!

northern norwaySunset on our way back to Tromso

northern norwayYour average roadside attraction in Northern Norway

northern norwayPristine forests near the Finnish border

[disclaim]I was a guest of Visit Norway and Northern Norway on this trip. All opinions are my own.[/disclaim]

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