19 Photos Of Rome That Will Make You Fall In Love

photos of rome

The eternal city.

That’s quite a reputation to live up to, right? No pressure, Rome. You continue doing that “best and most historical city in the world thing” you got going on. No biggie!

Between the piazzas, the sprawling terraces, the dramatic fountains, and, oh, just 2000 years of history, Rome has plenty to keep first, second, and hundreth-timers plenty busy. If you factor in the time you’ll spend finding your way in the maze that are Roman alleys, and also the gelatos you’ll inevitably get as a reward for indeed, making your way back to your next destination, you could spend a lifetime in the eternal city (see what I did there?) and still not manage to fully grap it.

Welcome to Rome!

Photos of Rome – Piazzas, Fountains, and Churches

photos of romePiazza Navona

photos of romePiazza Navona

photos of romeItalian lasagna FTW!

[left]photos of rome[/left][right]photos of rome[/right][left]photos of rome[/left][right]photos of rome [/right][left]Fontana di Trevi[/left][right]Vittoriano Monument[/right][left]photos of rome [/left][right]photos of rome[/right]
photos of romeForo Romano

photos of romeForo Romano

photos of romePantheon

photos of rome The famous ceilings of Sistine Chapel
photos of romeInside the Vatican

[left]photos of rome[/left][right]photos of rome[/right]photos of romeSanta Maria dei Miracoli

photos of romeColosseum at night

Admittedly, I was only in Rome for a short 48 hours as a weekend getaway from London. You know how it is with the European low-cost airlines, eh! Even though I’m well aware I only scratched the surface of the eight world wonder that is Rome, I left the city with a feeling of having accomplished something.

I freaking saw the Colosseum for God’s sake! If that’s not on your bucket list, then I don’t know what is.

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