7 stunning and iconic things to do in Norway

Norway is the type of country that must be experienced once in a lifetime. Where else can you find this unique mix of history, nature, food and architecture? This otherworldly landscape, this ancient Viking heritage?

To this day, and despite having visited 20+ other countries, Norway still ranks pretty high up my list of favorite destinations. Let’s see what I did while I was there – besides eating my weight in smoked salmon and refinancing my house to pay for said salmon.

Old City of Bergen

I’ve declared my love for Bergen quite abundantly on this space – few places in Europe, heck, in the world, have made such an impression on me.

Bergen is home to one of the most famous architectural sights of Norway, Bryggen – dating back from the 14th century, they are some of the oldest and most colorful still-standing-albeit-slightly-crooked buildings in the country, and quite the sight. The fish market, the aquarium, and the fjord panorama from Mount Fløyen are also worth a stop, as are the many quaint coffeeshops scattered around the cobblestone alleys (like Knøsesmauet, pictured above) in the Old Town. A welcome shelter from the crazy weather of Bergen!

Cruise in the fjords

It would be like going to Paris and skipping the Eiffel Tower, right? There is no such thing as going to Norway and skipping the fjords. A cruise is the simplest and most impressive way to marvel at these natural beauties, and plus, there are much fewer crowds waiting to see the fjords than the Iron Lady. It’s just you, and nature, in a quiet contemplative moment.

Flam railway

Hello, the most iconic train ride in the world! It may only be 20 kilometres long and you last only an hour, but is it a memorable experience nonetheless. The change in scenery is quite fascinating the closer you get to Myrdal, the final destination, and slowly morphs from luxuriant green mountains to lunar-like stone formations. A captivating journey, I’ll say that.

Walking in Oslo


Oslo’s a great city for walking and exploring on foot. There are a few things that I found particularly interesting, such as Grunerlokka’s hipster spirit, the castle grounds, the numerous museums, and obviously a photogenic photowalk along the harbour- one of my favorite things to do in the city.

Embracing winter in Tromsø

As the capital of the Arctic Circle, and, to some, the quirkiest town in Norway, Tromsø has quite the reputation to live up to. This is the place where all Nordic adventures begin, where history meets Scandinavian art de vivre, and where thrill meets unadulterated awe. Tempted to explore Tromsø for a long weekend?Here’s everything you need to know in order to spend a worthwhile, activity-packed 72 hours in Norway’s northernmost city. This is definitely one of the northernmost, and perhaps even the most awe-inspiring, things to do in Norway.

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