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Quebec City in Winter in 45 Lovely Photos

Quebec City in Winter

For those who didn’t know, Quebec City in winter is actually a wonderful idea; it’s a well-rounded snowy destination with lovely scenery and thrilling activities. From snow tubing to skiing, from ice canoe racing (could this possibly *be* any more Canadian) to attending the Carnaval de Québec festivities, and to romantic strolls in the old […]

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Fangirling At The Harry Potter Studios In London – In Photos

Harry Potter Sites

* This post had been scheduled prior to Alan Rickman’s tragic passing. Let’s make this the time to remember his touching and deep portrayal of Severus Snape. Always. ♥ I remember counting the minutes left until closing time on my cash register. You know how time always seems to go by infinitely more slowly when you’re […]

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