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Fangirling At The Harry Potter Studios In London – In Photos

Harry Potter Sites

* This post had been scheduled prior to Alan Rickman’s tragic passing. Let’s make this the time to remember his touching and deep portrayal of Severus Snape. Always. ♥ I remember counting the minutes left until closing time on my cash register. You know how time always seems to go by infinitely more slowly when you’re […]

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Treat Yo’Self To Fika In Stockholm, Or How To Eat Your Weight In Cake

Things To Do In Stockholm

There’s a certain art to (the altogether quite popular) fika, I found out. It’s not simply about engulfing as much cake as possible within a 15-minute timeframe; it’s about finding a cosy space, perhaps even with a friend or a coworker, where you will indulge in Sweden’s love for everything sweet, take the time to appreciate the […]

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Facing the Notoriously Cold Icelandic Waters – Scuba Diving & Snorkelling in Silfra

Icelandair Stopover

When in Iceland, right? This is what I thought to myself as I booked my Silfra snorkel expedition, trying to focus on the supposedly outstanding water visibility instead of the dangerously-close-to-zero water temperatures. After all, where else in the world could I possibly swim between two tectonic plates? This was an epic opportunity, and I would not […]

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