Travel Gifts For Travellers

12+ Really Cute and Affordable Travel Gifts For Travellers

It’s that time of the year again — get started on shopping travel gifts for travellers in your entourage, be it friends, family or other loved ones.

The following list consists of items I personally own and endorse, each for its own particular set of reasons (price, usefulness, multi-purpose, etc.); the more I travel, the pickier I become with the precious items I choose to bring on the road. There’s only so much space in a suitcase and so many pounds I can handle. Despite the fact that I fundamentally am a notorious over-packer, I continuously aim to have fewer, but better and more useful travel things.

Most of the items on the list below, a mixture of proper gifts and stocking stuffers, are also well under the $100 price point; if you have plentiful funds, look up the minimalist, higher-end gift list I created last year as I do believe in less being more. If, on the contrary, your budget is a little tighter, I do have a list of equally cool and useful travel-friendly gift ideas in my Travel Shop that don’t cost more than $40.

And remember this: whatever you choose, gifts shouldn’t have to be expensive to be appreciated! Get something thoughtful, heartfelt, practical and durable — not something that will inevitably end up in the bin or on Craigslist by the time New Year comes round.

* You can get the majority of those items online and avoid the cray crowds of Black Friday, giving you the opportunity of shopping in your PJs and sipping a cuppa while sitting comfortably on your couch. You can thank me later for that.

Travel Gifts For Travellers

The Best 2016-2017 Travel Gifts For Travellers


1. Scratch Off World Map ($30)

[left]Travel Gifts For Travellers[/left][right]

Whether it’s to keep track of where I’ve been or to see how much of the world I have yet to visit, this whimsical scratch map has been the topic of many conversations in my house. I love that this particular version includes states and provinces as well as flags.[/right]

2. Bon Voyage pouch ($30)

[left]Travel Gifts For Travellers[/left][right]

I’m addicted to this pouch, which I’ve been taking on my trips for a few months now. This catch-all is one of the many keys to keeping my luggage tidy and organised; the compact size also means I can carry it in my handbag or day bag should I wish to. Brilliant! Also, the font is pretty cool.[/right]

3. Mini Travel Swivel Charger ($18)

[left]Travel Gifts For Travellers[/left][right]

Because every single one of our fabulous device needs to be charged at some point and because most hotel rooms never seem to have enough sockets to charge all of them at once. Includes 2 powered USB ports as well as 3 or 6 electrical outlets wall-mountable through a 360-degree rotating plug with 4 locking positions.[/right]

4. Packing Cubes ($12)

[left]Travel Gifts For Travellers[/left][right]

I am a bit of a neat freak and few things irritate me more than rummaging through my suitcase in search of that one item. These packing cubes help me stay organised — I have one for underwear, one for tech (wires, chargers, battery packs, etc.) and one for the food I will inevitably pick up during the length of my trip.[/right]

5. Kindle Paperwhite ($99)

[left]Travel Gifts For Travellers[/left][right]

Read as many books as you want without the hassle of having to carry them everywhere you go. This Kindle has been a lifesaver in helping me catch up with this year’s reading! Plus, the built-in adjustable light makes it virtually impossible to get screen glares or to light up the entire room if you’re reading at night. It truly reads like a crisp white paper.[/right]

6. Travel Between the Lines Colouring Books ($10)

[left]Travel Gifts For Travellers[/left][right]

Adult colouring books are all the rage these days but did you know there are travel-themed ones? These 47 hand-drawn cityscape colouring illustrations are created from original travel photographs, including places like Italy, China and Mexico. The perfect travel gift for nostalgic home-bound travellers![/right]

7. London Throw Pillow ($25)

[left]Travel Gifts For Travellers[/left][right]

Have you got a favourite destination in the world that you’d love to carry around with you? Or a favourite airport you’re dying to feature everywhere in your home? These stylish throw pillows (they’ve also got a wide range of mugs, posters, etc.) are handmade in the US and feature high-quality double-sided print for a durable, quality feel.[/right]

8. Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($13)

[left]Travel Gifts For Travellers[/left][right]

I enjoy listening to background music when I’m preparing an itinerary or just lounging in my hotel room. This lightweight and compact speaker connects straight to my iPhone and features a long-lasting internal battery. This one is enduring, too, as it’s enclosed within a water and shock resistant grippy exterior.[/right]

9. Fujifilm Mini Instant Film Camera ($78)

[left]Travel Gifts For Travellers[/left][right]

This slimmer and lighter of the Fujifilm Instax is one of the best gifts for travellers who have prefer to have souvenirs instant, on-hand rather than on a computer. Ideal for impromptu road trips and adventures! This model features improved viewfinder for greater clarity and visibility and automatic exposure measurement.[/right]

10. Portable External Hard Drive ($89)

[left]Travel Gifts For Travellers[/left][right]

Cloud backups are only as good as your WiFi connection – this trusty travel gadget can easily create a physical backup of all your files (including heavy video). This device can be useful to everyone with a large number of files to back up, most especially bloggers, as it features a password protection with hardware encryption.[/right]

11. Juice Pack for iPhone ($50-75)

[left]Travel Gifts For Travellers[/left][right]

Because I use my phone A LOT when I travel (for taking photos, consulting maps, updating social networks, taking notes, etc.), my battery drains very quickly. This iPhone battery case has been a life-saver on many occasions. The high-density battery provides hours on end of extra power. The case itself consists of rubberized support pads, guarding the phone from drops and hard falls.[/right]

12. Pack This! pad ($5)

[left]Travel Gifts For Travellers[/left][right]

Phone charger? Check. Shampoo? Check. Whether you’re coming or going, this funny and exhaustive packing list pad is the remedy for pre-trip chaos and forgotten toiletries. This whimsical yet organisational and clever tool is a fitting gift for last-minute packers.[/right]


Travel Gifts For Travellers: A Few More Suggestions



  • Ultra Soft Sleep Mask $16): Micro modal is amazing for four reasons: it has an impossibly luxe softness to it, it’s completely light-proof, it’s highly breathable, and it’s stretchy enough that it doesn’t pull my hair or feel tight.

  • 2017 Wall Calendar ($31): Features 12 travel-inspired original illustrations from around the world (including Paris, London, Rome, Amsterdam) in the usual, high-quality signature paper of Rifle Paper Co. They also have a smaller desk version, too.

Because I like to keep it real, every product recommended on this page is something I personally endorse and not paid placements; however, some contain affiliate links, which means I earn a small percentage of the sale when you purchase through them at no extra cost to you. This helps cover the increasing costs of running this blog – thank you for supporting To Europe And Beyond!

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