Cats in Greece

I went to Greece and all I got are cat photos

I haven’t written about it much here because I figured there are enough cats as it is on the Internet, but I can no longer keep my addiction a secret. Hi, I’m Marie-Eve, and I’m a cat lady. Some would even say crazy cat lady but the jury’s still out on that one ;-)

Mind you, I did take photos of noteworthy attractions — Greece is nothing if not photogenic and awe-inspiring. BUT CATS. They were everywhere. On taverna terraces, at ferry docks, in alleys, in staircases, in shops. And I truly couldn’t have been happier.

If you are looking for a destination to indulge your love of cats or if you’re feeling lonely and need a companion, go to Greece. You won’t be disappointed (for that, and other trivial reasons like history, mythology and food, if you’re into that kind of thing).

Cats in Greece, a random sampling

Cats in Greece
What about this little guy, busy keeping the streets of Mykonos safe?
Cats in Greece
And this fine-looking diva, sunbathing on the beach in Naxos, not looking amused by my antics keeping her from a rightful rest
Cats in Greece
Or this one hanging out by the palace in Naxos. Black cats do NOT deserve their bad rap.
Cats in Greece
“Yes, you may enter the restaurant, but only if you answer my riddle.”
Cats in Greece
Cats in Mykonos > parties in Mykonos

Cats in Greece, a word of advice

Now, before you go all PETA on me, I’d like to remind you that customs regarding pets vary from one country to the other. While it is normal for most North Americans to not only keep cats indoors but almost completely domesticate them, that’s just not how it works in Greece — pet ownership and licensing is not nearly as closely regulated here, if it exists at all. Cats breed more or less freely (which certainly explains why there are SO many of them) and live outdoors, in the wild. That’s not to say they’re stray cats; most of them have a house they go to every day to be fed and regularly mark it as their territory.

In fact, most locals people I spoke to about cats in Greece said that they like having them around as they are far more talented than humans at keeping mice, snakes and scorpions at bay. They really are more of an asset than a nuisance.

Not to mention they make the absolute best photos of Greece????

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