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Borough Market in London: A 1000-Year Old Love Of Food

To me, it’s one of the handful of places that should absolutely be on any London itinerary, because it’s an interesting, different and super fun way to truly experience the city. Here are five reasons why I love Borough Market so much.

1.   Avoid the rain

photos of borough market

London is notorious for its heavy yearly rainfall – or dare I say it, shitty year round weather. Thick gray clouds fill the skies and threaten to spoil your day out and about.

So before you adorn yourself with an ungodly plastic poncho, know that there are tons of things to do in London that do not require that level of ridicule. In comes Borough Market. It’s entirely covered to shield your feet from the rain, and so close to the tube station your hair won’t even have time to un-straighten.

2.   Meet new people

photos of borough market

If you’re starting to feel lonely on your London vacation – don’t fret. Borough Market is filled with like-minded travelers, who are just as interested in food (or in my case, photography) as you are. Also, the market is super popular with Londoners from every neighborhood, who love to buy a few tasty products before heading home in the evening.

Why not strike a conversation with the vendors, or discuss which loaf of artisan bread looks tastiest, or even ask your seat neighbor where he got his delicious-looking sandwich. You won’t be disappointed – Londoners are hardly as cold as their reputation precedes.

3.   Get introduced to new flavors

photos of borough market photos of borough market

If there’s one thing London is famous for, it’s its variety of flavors and influences. And Borough Market is the epitome of that. While you will get the classic meat pie, rare lagers and fish&chips stands (it is England after all), you will also find baklavas, curries, French cheeses and bratwurst, to name a few.

It’s the ideal place to expand your taste range, and maximize your foodie experience in the city. Who said it was impossible to get a good meal in London?

4.   Keep your budget on check

photos of borough market photos of borough market

You are faced with two options: inexpensive, incredibly fresh and full of love products at Borough Market, or overpriced items they call food at Tesco’s. This may be slightly exaggerated, but it’s still pretty close to reality, and the choice is pretty easy if you ask me.

Nothing will taste as good for as little than what you will get during a grocery shopping session at the market, especially if hone your haggling skills a little bit.

5.   Feel like a true Londoner

photos of borough market photos of borough market

If you have a holiday flat rental in London, this is the perfect opportunity to feel like a real local and cook the night away – just as long as you don’t end up with blue soup. Don’t hesitate to ask the vendors for recipes, or suggestions,  they will be more than happy to help share their love of food!

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