Is Bergen the most photogenic place on the planet?

It’s hard not to like Bergen.

And then, you can wander around the – relatively small – city center and discover these great little cafés, restaurants, squares, all loved and approved by locals. I think that may have been my favorite part of all. After all, the weather was utter shit, and all I wanted to do was curl up on a comfy couch with a big mug of coffee and indulge with some good old-fashioned, guilt-free people watch. And that’s more of less what I did!

things to do in bergen
things to do in bergen

And, to burn these calories off, I went all the way up Mount Fløyen for the best views of the city.

things to do in bergen

The only downside of Bergen? The weather.

And by that, I really mean the ‘possibly-cocaine-fueled-bipolar-Norwegian-Mother-Nature’. One minute it’s sunny, the next it’s super windy, and before you know it, it starts raining again. The city received over 2,200 millimeters of rain every year, which, technically, is more than London (591mm) and Edinburgh (709mm) COMBINED.

So, pack your wellies, your vitamin D supplements, and your rain jacket, but do not miss out on Bergen. It’s a great starting or ending point to any Norway trip, both for you and your photo albums. Bergen is quaint, pretty, very welcoming and will leave you wanting more. It’s easily accessible both by train (hello, fjords!) or by plane (hello, Norwegian Airlines onboard WiFi!), so you really, really don’t have any reason to miss out on this great destination. I mean it!

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