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18 places you can’t miss in Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal

No longer just the “most European city of North America,” Montreal is home to many thriving neighbourhoods – including Plateau Mont-Royal – that are just waiting to be discovered by visitors who’d like something other than the usual sights of Old Montreal.

Just north of downtown Montreal, it sprawls from the edge of the emblematic mountain to the colourful, picturesque tree-lined streets that have taken over every Montrealer’s Instagram feed.

Often regarded as one of the hippest, prettiest and overall most fun areas of the city, Plateau Mont-Royal has plenty of photogenic staircases, tastefully decorated eateries, passionate residents, and heaps of charm.

Scout the colourful murals

Plateau Mont-Royal is home to some of Montreal’s most striking frescoes, notably as part of the well-respected Mural Festival. Only in Montreal could you host an event where people are encouraged to literally paint the town. The 10-day affair is largely based in the vicinity of Saint-Laurent Boulevard and features free outdoor concerts, an art fair and guided tours.

That is in addition to the dozens of occasional commissioned works by local artists across the neighbourhood as well. Definitely something for your Instagram stories!

Book a Plateau Mont-Royal & Mile End food tour

Montreal is frequently cited as one of the most inventive, seductive places in North America as far as gastronomy is concerned, among other things. And its supporters aren’t wrong; Montrealers are a demanding hungry bunch and they will not settle for anything ordinary. Waves upon waves of immigration — from Jewish to Portuguese to Japanese — have brought invaluable traditions to the city for a truly diverse, complex heritage that has now become the city’s signature.

And only a proper Mile End food tour (which is a district within Plateau Mont-Royal) with a knowledgeable, equally glutton guide can effectively dive in the heart of the matter that is food in Montreal. The 2.5-hour walking tour (vegetarian friendly) encompasses 5 food stops and includes at the most emblematic restaurants, including a bagel shop and a fine chocolate boutique!

Grab a coffee

plateau mont-royal
Café Névé

Travelling solely to try out new coffee shops is something more and more 20-somethings do nowadays, and Montreal certainly hasn’t missed the memo. With seemingly one or two new coffee shops opening up every week, even Montrealers have a hard time keeping track!

Some of my favourite coffee shops in Plateau Mont-Royal:

Explore parks

plateau mont-royal
Parc Lahaie in Montreal Mile End

Although not quite as leafy as, say, London, Montreal does quite well nonetheless in terms of green grassy spaces, especially in Plateau Mont-Royal.

Oftentimes, locals will gather friends (along with a couple of bottles of wine for good measure) for an afternoon of leisure in the sun at any given park in the neighbourhood — although most would argue that Parc Sir Wilfrid Laurier is the de facto picnic capital of the city.

Other great parks to discover in the area?

  • Try reading a book in the shadow of centennial trees by the serpentine in Parc Lafontaine
  • Admire the view of Mont-Royal mountain in Parc Jeanne-Mance
  • Watch locals go about their daily business in compact but picturesque Parc Lahaie, flanked by St-Laurent Boulevard and the stunning Saint-Enfant-Jésus du Mile End church
  • And, lastly, with its perfectly aligned rows of Victorian houses, Square St-Louis is another photographer’s paradise that is not to be missed.

Go on a Plateau & Mile-End Montreal bike tour

With a bike lane network comprising several hundred kilometers, Montreal is a well-known bike city. It was even crowned the “best major cycling city across the continent” courtesy of an annual raking from PeopleForBikes!

No wonder booking an afternoon with locally-owned Fitz Montreal Bike Tours have quickly become one of the trendiest things to do in Montreal.

Why not see it for yourself on a Plateau & Mile-End Montreal Bike Tour to immerse yourself in the city’s lifestyle and trendy hoods? Explore areas such as the Plateau Mont-Royal in a whole new way, along with visits in nearby Mile End, Little Italy and Outremont areas. Learn more about the musical heritage of Arcade Fire and Leonard Cohen. Sample some of Montreal’s impressive collection of murals, too!

And yes, bagels are included.

Instagram picturesque streets

In addition to vivid murals, Montreal is a sight for sore eyes with perfectly aligned rows of houses, colourful windows and twirling iron staircases.

If I had to pick one social media platform, it would probably be Instagram. I often use it to scout locations when I plan my travels; to me, it’s easier to get a real sense of a place from a local’s point of view through Instagram than through any other medium.

There’s a myriad of ways the shutterbug in you can capture the essence of Montreal in these Insta-friendly streets, in the stretch wedged between Prince-Arthur Street and Laurier Avenue:

  • Drolet Street
  • Henri-Julien Street
  • Laval Avenue

Also worth a stroll: Gilford Street, rue Garnier close to St-Joseph Boulevard.

Plan for a nightcap

Majestique Restaurant

It comes as a surprise to absolutely no one that Montrealers like their drink in the evening. And Plateau Mont-Royals bars are quite abundant, and rather attractive, too.

While most tourists will mistakenly opt to stay downtown or in Old-Montreal for a nightcap, there are true gems to be found just a bit further up north where the locals go and gather to celebrate a birthday, a milestone or just a plain old Tuesday.

  • Bar à flot (cool, trendy natural wine bar with small shareable plates) / 4857 Parc
  • Réservoir (brewpub with craft beers) / 9 Duluth Est
  • Bar Henrietta (Portuguese eatery with fantastic cocktails and wine list) / 115 Laurier Ouest
  • Buvette chez Simone (great charcuterie plates and wines, a local’s favourite) / 4869 Parc
  • Bar Suzanne (leafy, mismatched type-place with a large offer of dumplings) / 20 Duluth Est
  • Rouge Gorge (excellent list of French wines) / 1234 Mont-Royal Est

Take part in special events and festivals

plateau mont-royal
St. Laurent Boulevard

There are plenty of festivals and special events to take part in on Plateau Mont-Royal and not just in the warmer months, but in fact year-round.

Summer is, however, arguably the best time of the year to visit with major happenings like:

  • Mural Festival (see above)
  • POP Montréal in mid-September (vibrant multi-day festival championing independence in the arts by presenting emerging talents from around the world)
  • The entire Mont-Royal Avenue is pedestrian-only from June to September, and dotted with 7 themed parks that were carefully designed for the occasion.
  • Winter also brings Nuit blanche to the area for those brave enough to face sub zero temperatures.
  • Plus, the district’s team put together a series of lovery themed itineraries (French only, but Google Translate is your friend here) to explore the area with specific interests in mind: vinyls, used bookshops, vintage boutiques, sunny patios to get a drink. Enjoy!

Venture into the Mile End

mile end montreal
Cafe Olimpico

Call it hipster capital, call it the artsiest district in Montreal — eclectic Mile End Montreal doesn’t care for labels.

Technically part of trendy Plateau Mont-Royal but infinitely more diverse, this effervescent district covers just about 10 blocks but is incidentally home to Canada’s largest concentration of artists, in addition to some of Montreal’s most acclaimed restaurants. This also is where some of the most interesting shopping in Montreal can be accomplished.

Catch a show

plateau mont-royal
Casa del Poppolo

Downtown Montreal is where the major arena shows will be performed; Plateau Mont-Royal, on the other hand, will welcome intimate gigs and open the stage to up-and-coming artists of various backgrounds and mediums with a promising future.

Casa del Popolo and sister establishment Sala Rossa, as well as Rialto Theatre and Fairmount Theatre, are great places to catch live music shows while The Wiggle Room is dedicated to burlesque entertainment; Montreal Improv is quite self-explanatory, while endearingly outside-the-box Mainline Theatre is indie theatre’s home in the neighbourhood.

If your French allows, don’t miss out on the chance of seeing a play in one of the area’s many legendary theatres, like La Licorne, Espace Go, Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui or Théâtre du Rideau Vert.

Put on your eating pants

plateau mont-royal
plateau mont-royal

Rumour has it that Montreal has the second highest amount of restaurants per capita in North America – is that the best reason to wear your eating pants or what? But with so many eateries on offer, it can be hard to pick the right ones to visit during a short trip so I’ve done the legwork for you!

Here are some of my favourite restaurants in Plateau Mont-Royal:

montreal travel tips

Indulge in retail therapy

plateau mont-royal
Bleu et persillé

Sure, you could stick to the high-street and the Gaps and H&Ms of this world. But what if I told you there are plenty of cute boutiques where you could get staple pieces made with love by a local Montreal designer?

Several of the best boutiques in Montreal are located in the Mile-End area adjacent to Plateau Mont-Royal; while you’re there, make sure to head slightly east in order not to miss out on these beautiful shops:

All photo credits: Gaelle LeRoyer

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