The 19 Most Photogenic Coffee Shops in Montreal

montreal coffee shops

From Villeray to the Old Port, these independently owned java paradises serve expertly brewed and thoroughly curated beans, sanctioned by Montréal’s hip connoisseurs. Because I am a freelancer and despite the fact that my home office is very pretty, I do need to get out of these for walls every once in a while and I inevitably end up in one of these fine establishments.

Café Myriade
1432 RUE Mackay
251 RUE Saint-Viateur OUEST
1000 RUE Sainte‑Catherine OUEST

With now four branches scattered across Montréal, Café Myriade is not only beloved by Instagrammers thanks to the Nordic-inspired décor of their Mile End shop, but also by local coffee aficionados, as their grains are sourced from esteemed and fair-trade 49th Parallel Roasters in Vancouver.

Pikolo Espresso Bar
3418 AVENUE Du Parc

A student favourite because of its central location between McGill and UQÀM universities, Pikolo is among the most picturesque shops in the city. This two-level café is mostly famous for its miniature 3-ounce creamy lattes, made with single origin beans from Heart Coffee Roasters in Portland.

montreal coffee shops

Café Odessa
65 East Beaubien Street

Not so much a place to get work done as they only have 10 seats, Café Odessa however serves an excellent cup of coffee – regardless of whether you prefer a cold brew, drip coffee, lattes or espressos. Make sure to visit their next-door restaurant, Le Vieux-Vélo, which offers one of the best and least expensive brunches in the city.

Moustache Café
35 East Beaubien Street

Located in up-and-coming Mile Ex, Moustache Café is a secret few locals are willing to share for fear it would get spoiled. Cozy ambiance, vegan smoothies, enticing aromas produced by the Synchro espresso machine all await, along with the owner’s beloved Bernese mountain dog/mascot.

Larue & Fils
244 East De Castelnau Street
405 East Jarry Street
montreal coffee shops
Curb appeal

What started out as a solo endeavour in the heart of Villeray just north of Jean-Talon Market is now a double venture; Larue & Fils now has two idyllic, luminous locations and proudly serves Montréal-brewed coffee. They also have a vintage blue Citroën truck roaming the streets of Montréal in the summertime.

Humble Lion
904 West Sherbrooke Street

When rustic chic meets third wave coffee shop! This eclectic shop, a tranquil and welcoming retreat from the bustle of downtown, only serves the finest products, like Intelligentsia Coffee and Mast Brothers chocolates.

montreal coffee shops

252 East Rachel Street

Owned by a Turkish couple, Réplika stands out from the crowd with its subtle eastern menu; served on dainty vintage and mismatched plates, the savoury scones and the meat boreks are to be enjoyed at the shop’s immense communal table and washed down with strong yet flavourful lattés and espressos.


Stunning cafe housed in a former bank inside a 1920s building. Very moody and atmospheric! Coffee is good, as are the nibbles.

montreal coffee shops

  • The Standard (65 Fairmont West)
  • Café Pista (500 Beaubien East)
  • Tommy Café (200 Notre-Dame West)
  • Café OSMO (51 West Sherbrooke Street)
  • Le moineau masqué (912 East Marie-Anne Street)
  • Café Nocturne (19 West Prince-Arthur Street)
  • Café Sfouf (1250 East Ontario Street)
  • Café Parvis (433 Mayor Street)
  • Café Falco (5605 de Gaspé Avenue)
  • Dispatch Coffee (267 West Saint Zotique Street)