The Emblematic Mont Saint-Michel – in Photos

mont saint-michel tips

mont saint-michel tips

To me, the Mont Saint-Michel was the kind of place that you read about in history books, that you see on television. You know, the kind of place you hear so much about but somehow seem unattainable, if only in dreams?

But since I’m such a big fan of road trips, I decided that the annual French holidays, for me, would be spent in Normandy. And not once did I regret that decision. Normandy is incredibly beautiful, rich in history, and has delicious local specialities  But when I look back, I think the highlight of the week was the Mont Saint-Michel.

Perhaps you’ll understand why after looking at a few photos…

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Mont Saint-Michel Photos

The Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel

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They Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel dates back to the 10th century, and is an eclectic yet surprisingly harmonious mix of Roman and Gothic architecture, and definitely makes for an interesting few hours visit, especially in the cloisters.

The view is also gorgeous – on clear days, you can see both Normandy and Brittany spreading on either side of the island. To this day, it’s still unclear in which region the Abbey really is, and no one seems to agree on the answer. But as long as you actually get there, it doesn’t really matter, does it?

And apparently, the tides around the island are some of the most dangerous in the world, in the sense that they are incredibly sneaky. They can be as quick and strong as 3 feet per second, for a total of 60 feet! Better watch the scenery from high up, then.

The village of Mont Saint-Michel

mont saint-michel tipsmont saint-michel tipsmont saint-michel tipsmont saint-michel tipsmont saint-michel tipsmont saint-michel tipsmont saint-michel tipsmont saint-michel tips

Well, there’s no going around that – the village is definitely tourist central, which translates into hefty price tags for pretty much everything (restaurants, souvenirs, hotels and other things). My suggestion would be to grab a cup of local cider, enjoy it on a terrace for the view and eat some place else.

The Village, despite its price, is beautiful. The many winding and steep alleys offer a new surprise at every corner, and everywhere you look seem like the new ‘best photo opportunity ever’. Needless to say that the village, as well as the whole island of Mont Saint-Michel, are very photogenic.

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