Delft, The Quintessential Dutch Town – In Photos

photos of delft

When you think of the Netherlands, and Holland in particular, what pops in your mind?

Canals, cobblestone streets, bicycles, cheese, and gabled roofs, right?

This is exactly what you’ll get in Delft. All these features, when presented together, make the ultimate Dutch town, the one we imagine, the one we read about and the one we want to see. Away from the hustle of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Quite the Dutch paradise, if you ask me.

Photos of Delft

The typical canals

photos of delft photos of delft photos of delft photos of delft photos of delft photos of delft photos of delft photos of delft

It couldn’t be quintessential without canals, right?

And in Delft, when it rains, it pours. There are SO many cute, quaint canals around the city, that it was quite a challenge to only pick a handful of photos. Much more tranquil and clean that those of the capital, and therefore even more picturesque.

The charming town squares

photos of delft photos of delft photos of delft photos of delft

It doesn’t get prettier than this! Although the main square is quite impressive with the city hall and the cathedral, my favorite one of all was Beestenmarkt, which was covered in orange leaves, and slowly putting on its winter coat. It’s surrounded by quirky shops, bars, and restaurants, and would make for a great shelter on a rainy day. Or on the opposite, the perfect place to enjoy the last warm rays of sun of the season.

The Dutch architecture

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The small details

photos of delft [left]photos of delft [/left][right]photos of delft [/right]

I noticed that Delft was a lot cozier than Rotterdam, Haarlem or other Dutch cities I visited. Perhaps it’s the many candle-lit cafés, the wood-clad bars or the blankets everywhere… but I felt like I could spend hours sitting at one of Delft’s many establishments and simply enjoy life, and indulge in some people-watching, after a bicycle ride around the city’s canal.

The beautiful streets

photos of delft photos of delft photos of delft

What I remember from my two all-too-short visits in Delft, is that at every turn, at every corner, made the town even more beautiful than I thought possible. That’s what Delft will do to you – surprise you, and entice you more than you could have imagined.

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