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I found the most beautiful street in Paris and it’s not in Montmartre

A large part of the time I spend preparing for a trip is related to photography. Not just because of this space (although it does help to have awe-inspiring photography on a travel blog, obviously!) but also because I just *love* the feeling of getting the perfect shot. Photography makes me very happy, and Paris is the kind of city that doesn’t even have to try. I swear, Paris has the most adorable and photogenic boulevards in the world.

After 8 trips in the city, I try to venture out the main tourist areas and explore the real Paris; the one where people actually live, go to the cinéma, or have an apéro en terrasse in the afternoon. So naturally, I barely ever go to Montmartre anymore, because no one actually lives there.

And upon scouting locations on Instagram, I stumbled upon this adorable rainbow-coloured city in what is otherwise a typically Haussmann-beige city. Welcome to what is arguably the most beautiful street in Paris, rue Crémieux!

What’s the deal with rue Crémieux?

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Rue Crémieux, Paris

Not without a striking resemblance to London’s Notting Hill, rue Crémieux. I tried to find out why the city is so colourful, thinking that there must be a reason why it is so vastly different from the rest of the city’s. But I couldn’t find anything.

Initially named Avenue Millaud, the street changed names to Rue Crémieux in 1897 to honour Adolphe Crémieux. A politician and lawyer, he became famous after he authorized the “Crémieux Decree”, which gave French citizenship to over 35,00 Algerian Jews who served in the French Army during the Franco-Prussian War.

Free Things To Do in Paris
Iconic shot of the stunning rue Crémieux in Paris

Where is this photogenic rue Crémieux?

Take the métro to Gare de Lyon in eastern Paris. Exit the station and go to Rue de Lyon across the street. Rue Crémieux will be the second street on the left.

Better yet: SPEND THE NIGHT on the most beautiful street in Paris! There is an apart-hotel with a few studios on Rue Crémieux. I can’t attest to anything since I haven’t stayed there (although I did bookmark it for my next stay), but it has positive reviews.

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