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Where to drink whisky and gin in Glasgow

While gins, scotches, beers, ciders and other artisanal libations currently enjoy unlimited popularity around the world, Scotland is no exception. Pull up a chair at one of these evening watering holes to drink the best whisky and gin in Glasgow —in moderation, of course!

What is Glasgow like?

With its once-working past, Glasgow is known for its passion, originality and profound authenticity. Once the second largest city in the British Empire and it even once had a monopoly on the empire’s naval industries. As a result, the metropolis today has its own cultural hotspots that are unique and distinct to the UK. Bordering the Clyde River in South West Scotland, a gateway to the mythical and verdant Highlands, Glasgow is an epicurean, a very endearing city and a great place to relax and unwind.

Gin71 Glasgow

71 Renfield Street /

Nestled in a charming Victorian-era building, this splendid bar serves more than 70 specialty gins accompanied by premium tones and toppings. It is the first establishment in the city to dedicate its entire menu to the ultra-popular Juniper Spirits.

I particularly recommends the Scottish Rock Rose, Badachro and Eden Mill.

The Good Spirits Co.

23 Bath Street /

The sale of alcohol is not regulated by the state in Britain, which means you can find strong, beautiful products in various specialty shops including some of the best Scottish gins. This shop has an enticing selection of gins, whiskeys, brandy and other delicious Scottish distillates not available in Canada.

Glasgow Distillery Company

8 Deanside Road /

Dundashill’s distillery in eastern Glasgow offers gins, whiskeys and even vodka. It opened in 1770 and, today, offers guided tours and spirit-tasting sessions led by distilling experts.

The Pot Still

154 Hope Street /

If the menu of whiskys feels more like an encyclopedia, it’s probably because this pub dating back to 1867 has more than 700 bottles! No wonder it’s so popular with visitors. Why not sit down to enjoy a drink (or two, or three…) while immersing yourself in the legendary atmosphere, where folk concerts are held regularly?

Clydeside Distillery
Clydeside Distillery – c/o Clydeside Distillery

The Clydeside Distillery

100 Stobcross Road /

Recently reopened to the public, the historic Clydeside Distillery in the heart of Glasglow’s old shipyards has a fascinating museum that features experiences using virtual reality. You can even book a guided tour to inspect the stills and discover the complex processes surrounding the production of whisky.

The Gin Spa

2 Virginia Court /

Indeed, a spa inspired by the benefits of gin! It offers botanical aromatherapy treatments and massages, all generously sprinkled with a gin and tonic.

Ashton Lane in Glasgow
Ashton Lane, one of the liveliest streets in Glasgow

Dramble Tours


Can’t make up your mind about which whiskey bar to settle on for the night? No problem: Dramble Tours is the perfect place and lets true whisky-lovers take a tour through some of the best whisky bars in Glasglow’s west end.

Themes like urbanism, history and the arts will certainly be discussed, but also the historical significance of the amber spirit back in the day.

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