Things To Do In Stockholm

Your Stockholm Bucket List: 26 Things You Need To See And Do

Gamla Stan

Welcome to the oldest part of Stockholm. Yes, it’s touristy, and yes, it’s overpriced — but as I always say, it’s popular with tourists for a reason. It’s gorgeous! The buildings are ancient and colourful, the streets are winding and beautifully uneven and the Swedish flag is omnipresent. Gamla Stan is also home to the loveliest square in the city as well as the Nobel Museum.

Royal Palace

Take an art tour of the metro

Vasa Museum

Things To Do In Stockholm

The warship sank on its maiden voyage in the early 1600s and wasn’t salvaged until the 1960s, a mere 300 years later — in an almost intact state. The vessel was supposedly one of the largest, luxurious (have a look at those carvings!) and heavily-equipped warships of the time – too bad it was short-lived! The museum as such explains a lot about the “Swedish Golden Age” and the importance of the Kingdom in the 17th century. Quite fascinating to say the least!

Day trip to Drottningham

things to do in stockholm

Take the ferry to Djurgarden

Things To Do In Stockholm

The ferry service is part of the Stockholm Transportation office, and valid with your transportation title. There are several boarding spots spread around the city, making it very easy to hop on and hop off as you wish. It’s a really fun thing to do on a sunny day, and gives a whole new perspective on the city.

Stockholm City Hall

Things To Do In Stockholm

The Nobel banquet is perhaps the biggest selling point of this attraction, with reason – every single one of the 18 million pieces mosaic-like wall was assembled by hand, and while it looks perfect, there’s a slight flaw that only the most attentive visitors will notice. I won’t spill all the secrets just yet but know this — nothing is quite what it seems at the City Hall.

Fika in Stockholm

Day trip to Vaxholm

Things To Do In Stockholm

Archipelago boat tour

Admire the view from Ivor Los Park

Other things to do in Stockholm:

Ostermalm’s Saluhall

Things To Do In Stockholm


Things To Do In Stockholm



Things To Do In Stockholm


Things To Do In Stockholm

Other places to eat and drink in Stockholm:

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