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Danish Bites & Noms: A Copenhagen Food Tour

Copenhagen Food tour

Unless you’ve been living under a rather large rock for the past few years, surely you’ve noticed that Nordic cuisine is HUGE. The rapidly burgeoning food scene in Copenhagen is one of the main reasons I wanted to visit the city, actually. Alas, I am not yet a millionaire. I’m merely a hungry Canadian, whose […]

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Boarding Norway’s Most Famous Train: the Flåm

fall in scandinavia

Can you name the most famous train rides in the world? The reverie-inducing, slightly unattainable, bucket-list worthy type? I bet the Trans-Siberian, the Orient-Express, and the Swiss glacier come to mind. And then, of course, the Flåm train. I honestly didn’t know how my week in this country could possibly get any better. But again, Norway […]

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Bygdøy: Oslo’s Museum Island

olso museum

The idea of a museum crawl isn’t necessarily what I have in mind when exploring a new city. I usually concentrate my time on the architectural highlights, culinary specialties of the chocolate type and perhaps a stroll in a scenic park if Mother Nature is kind enough on that day. Museums though? Not my thing. Even when […]

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Enchanted by Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens

tivoli gardens copenhagen 1

“Enchanted” is quite the understatement of the year, in this case. For North Americans, Halloween is a big thing. Think decorations all over town, eerie music playing, kids of every age (yes, even adults, too!) dressed up and ready to party. Not unlike Christmas… if you do Halloween, you either go big or you go […]

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Whatever You Do, Don’t Underestimate Flåm

visit Flåm

“You’re staying in Flåm… for the night?“, he said, hesitant, question marks in his eyes – which only mirrored my own. “Yes, that’s what my itinerary says“, I replied, just as skeptical. After all, Flåm is famous for one thing, and one thing only – its train. There isn’t a TimeOut for Flåm, nor is there a guidebook, […]

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