Things to do in Greece - ferry to Mykonos

Greece itinerary: Athens, Mykonos, Naxos and Santorini travel guide

Greece has been the main topic of a many conversations and headlines over the past year, more often than not in a less than positive light. I was intrigued by all this negativity: was Greece really as bad as the news report made it to be?

As it turns out, it wasn’t even remotely close to reality. I found Greece to be stunningly beautiful – that was to be expected, of course – and widely unaffected by the turmoil in Athens. The silver lining of this drama? The plummeting prices for tourists. There are great deals to be had as far as holidays to Greece are concerned at the moment; so much so that many specialists agree that now may be the best time to visit the Hellenic Republic.

Still not convinced? Then perhaps this photo essay will do the trick.


I only got to spend a fast-paced, all-too-short 24 hours in Athens before I sailed off to the Cyclades, but the capital was just like I imagined it to be. Lively, dense, gritty at times, with an edgy side that complements the historical landmarks so perfectly. My only regret: not being able to enjoy the terrace culture!

The Parthenon and the Acropolis
Things to do in Greece - the view from the Acropolis
Looking at Athens from the Acropolis
Things to do in Greece - Plaka
On the streets of Plaka
Things to do in Greece - rooftop terrace in Athens
Admiring the sunset over the Acropolis from Athens’ rooftops
Things to do in Greece - Greek parliament
Changing of the guard at the Parliament Building
Things to do in Greece - Athens restaurants
Athens is an al fresco city!


Naxos was, without the hint of a doubt, my favourite part of Greece. The island isn’t nearly as touristy as more famous counterparts like Mykonos, Crete, and Santorini – it offers an authentic, truthful look at what life really is like for Greek people in the Cyclades. In fact, I actually considered leaving Naxos out of this post altogether for fear of ruining it, but that would be unfair as it is just too fantastic not to share.

Naxos' cute little harbour
Naxos’ cute little harbour
Things to do in Greece - Naxos beaches
Fantastic beaches in Naxos
Apollo’s temple at sunset, one of Naxos’ main attractions
Naxos, photos-of-greece-17


Santorini was quite a shock to the system after spending a few days on tranquil, laid-back Naxos. I think I would be right in saying that the famous Greek island, perhaps the most famous of all, has suffered the consequences of its popularity; the shine has wore off in many places despite Oia being home to pristine luxury boutiques and hotels. Santorini, in most aspects, didn’t feel real to me.

With that being said, there’s a reason why this half-moon crescent shaped island is so popular with tourists and cruiseship passengers: it’s absolutely stunning.

Things to do in Greece - ferry to Santorini
Overlooking the Santorini bay from Venetsanos Winery
Things to do in Greece - Santorini travel guide


Some call it the Greek party capital, others the most idyllic place on Earth, and neither of them would actually be in the wrong. While I am just a little too old to enjoy the apparently legendary nightlife, I do have a working set of eyes and I was floored by the stunning scenery before me. I walked around saying ‘woahhh’ for most of my time in Mykonos, occasionally picking my jaw up off the floor.

Things to do in Greece - ferry to Mykonos
Mykonos’ Alefkandra harbour
The legendary 16 windmills of Mykonos

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