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12 natural wine bars in Los Angeles for a taste of California

In a state known for its audacious take on new world winemaking, a cadre of vintners is rewriting the script. They’ve swapped out the heavy-handed techniques for a more laissez-faire approach, allowing the grapes to express themselves without the customary winemaker meddling. The result? A fresh wave of natural wines that are quietly turning heads in some of Los Angeles’ most dynamic bars. Join me as we navigate the best natural wine bars in Los Angeles, where the pours are unconventional and the atmosphere is easygoing. Here’s to discovering the essence of California in a glass, one natural or biodynamic wine bar at a time.

Bar Bandini

Echo Park

I had to start with my favorite, right? Located on the edge of Silver Lake and Echo Park, aka cool people central even by LA standards, Bar Bandini has to be one of the most unique wine bars in Los Angeles. And why is that? Because it offers an extensive selection of almost exclusively California wines, most of which are served… on tap! The dimly lit, sexy, sparsely decorated space is inviting and cozy, especially when wine expert Josh is behind the bar striking up a conversation.

There isn’t much in the way of food, here, though; but the snacks, however spare, are all excellent quality.

Esters Wine Shop & Bar

Santa Monica
Esters Santa Monica - Los Angeles wine bars

Housed in a heritage building, Esters offers a sophisticated yet approachable wine experience. With a curated selection of 250 bottled and 20 by-the-glass wines, categorized by taste rather than region, Esters simplifies the decision-making process. You can expect a bit of everything from pet-nat to sultry reds! While the pricing is on the higher side, the investment ensures a refined experience guided by expert sommeliers. The greatest part? The spacious wrap-around patio to feel that salty Pacific air and that Los Angeles sun.

Sundays feature a rotating flight of four wines for those looking to expand their wine knowledge.


Echo Park
best natural wine bars in los angeles california wines - tilda echo park

While we can’t guarantee a Swinton sighting at this particular Tilda, what we can assure you is an unforgettable experience. Founded by Echo Park locals, this all-natural wine bar showcases California producers and a delectable menu of small plates from their curated kitchen (don’t miss the trout dip). Positioned at the crossroads of a restaurant, wine bar, and wine shop, their all-terracotta aesthetic adds a unique charm.

If fortune smiles, nab a spot on their charming sidewalk terrace and soak in the local scene. Your time here? Absolutely worth it. Especially during happy hour, where the hand-picked wine list by the glass is heavily discounted. And don’t forget to check out their beautifully designed tote bags – a charming keepsake to bring a piece of the experience home with you.

Tabula Rasa Bar


“This looks like a great place for a first date,” I said as I walked into this all brick, cozy, candlelit, record player grooving space right in Thai Town. Very LA with a little New York flair. At Tabula Rasa, expect a fantastic wine list of both classic and groundbreaking winemakers, as well as a rotation of fresh small plates to share. The small back patio is a great place to enjoy the fresh air on a warm summer night or for a fun happy hour.


Loz Feliz
best natural wine bars in los angeles california wines - Covell Loz Feliz

Step into Los Angeles’ original natural wine haven nestled in the heart of Los Feliz—a hotspot for the effortlessly cool. Embracing “flea market chic,” the ambiance at Covell is a polished yet rustic blend, illuminated by waxy candles and serenaded by a low-fi soundtrack, a great spot with a relaxed atmsphere. The wine selection spans the color spectrum, offering gems by the glass.

For an adventurous twist, cozy up to the bar and request an off-menu surprise from the friendly staff or bartender—an experience bound to etch a lasting impression.

Dudley Market

best natural wine bars in los angeles california wines - Dudley Market Venice Beach

Quality eateries and watering holes down in Venice are a fairly recent plot twist. Dudley Market is one of them, a wine and oyster bar hybrid within sight of the beach (and even further from the rather unsightly Venice skatepark crowd). Their specialty? Sustainable seafood, sourced daily by the staff on the restaurant’s own fishing boat. As the sun sets over the ocean and the day comes to a close, it’s a wonderful place to be, with a crisp local orange wine in hand, on the sprawling street-side, spacious patio.

Service is nonchalant at best, with waiters seemingly more interested in getting their friends in than actually serving wine. But hey, it’s LA.



Now, I know Ronan isn’t strictly a wine bar—it’s a pizzeria. But let me tell you, they’ve mastered the art of pairing absolutely fabulous wines with equally fabulous food, and it’d be criminal to overlook them on this list and making the one of the top natural wine restaurants in Los Angeles. Whether you’re sinking your teeth into a slice or savoring a sip, Ronan’s got your back with fantastic recommendations, often from independent California producers with a strong ethos.

And here’s a pro tip: If you’re all about the vino, mark your calendar for their weekly “Women in Wine Wednesdays” happy hour where bottles from female winemakers are a steal at 30% off.

Best wine bars in Los Angeles: other interesting places to get natural wine

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