Natural wine bars in Copenhagen

Sköl! 7 natural wine bars in Copenhagen

Ever the trendsetting city, Copenhagen is no stranger to the wonders of natural wines. Skin contact, dark rosés, pet nats, you name it. The Danish capital is no stranger to low-intervention wine lists… surpassing, even, several other European cities whose geographical proximity to actual wineries would actually make them far more obvious choices.

Indeed, the question begs to be asked: how does a country with virtually zero vineyards become such a hotspot for wine? The most plausible answer is, in fact, fairly simple. An increasingly gourmet culture coupled with consistent substainability efforts make for a rather fertile terrain for natural wine.

So whenever you find yourself in Copenhagen for a special occasion or if you just really love wine, check out the list below and enjoy!


Møllegade 3, Nørrebro

In the shadow of the towering trees in Assistens Kirkegård, Pompette is said to have the largest selection of natural wine in Copenhagen. This is a super cool bare-bones hangout, where Nordic meets Parisian in the most fun way. This is a wine bar first and foremost, with a few charcuterie or cheese plates to choose from for sustenance. Co-owners Martin and Jesper have made their mission to offer great products at an affordable price point:

“Serving cheap wine is easy. Anyone can do that. But serving great wine cheaply is another story.”


Oehlenschlægersgade 12, Vesterbro

If your preferred pasttime is to drink wine and watch passerbys on a gorgeous street, Ancestrale is where you need to be. The name refers to the méthode ancestrale of making naturally sparkling wine. In other words, yes, the wine list is the main draw here. Sommelier Johann Duedahl Jacobsen admittedly caters to “wine nerds” (his words not mine. But the simple yet elevated cuisine is likewise an excellent complement.

Den Vendrette

Havnegade 53A, Nyhavn
Den Vandrette - natural wine Copenhagen

Tasteful and interesting options in Nyhavn are few and far between because of the many tourist traps. So whenever a brilliant sommelier like Søren Grunnet Løvenlund comes into play in this otherwise tourist-trap-ridden area… well, people notice.

At Den Vendrette you’ll find small, shareable plates to go with wines that range from pet nat to skin contact and fruity Beaujolais. All natural, of course! On a sunny day, make sure to enjoy the outdoor patio on the waterfront looking over towards Christianshavn. Moreover: it’s a local hangout for Noma staff including René Redzepi.

Lille Blå Vinbar

Esplanaden 3, Centre

Fun fact: the crisp, bold shade of royal blue was chosen to honor the building’s previous occupation as a paint shop. It’s now one of the coziest little wine bars in Copenhagen whose best seats at directly at the window where peoplewatching is unparalleled. It serves almost exclusively organic Austrian wines.

Why not stop for a little wino pick-me-up at Lille Bla after walking around gorgeous Kastellet? Keep in mind that there are only small bread and cheese plates available for nibbing.

Ved Stranden

Ved Stranden 10, centre

With a name that literally means “by the shore” in Danish, it’s no surprise that one of the main draws at this wine bar is the view. You can even bring your glass of wine down to the pier! Everything about this place SCREAMS Scandinavia! First, there’s the historic red-brick corner building, second, there’s the moody natural lighting, third, there’s the teak-wood furniture. All of which is adjacent to a gorgeous canal.

Equally important to know, if you’re visiting on a Monday, ask for the Monday meal. I’s a hearty, rustic dish cooked for the staff and patrons.

Rødder & Vin:Bar

Ravnsborggade 10, Nørrebro

Mid-century-clad wine shop on one side, hygge candlelit speakeasy on the other. Solfinn Danielsen is one of the natural wine leaders in the Danish capital (he’s even written a book about it) and his Nørrebro turf really shows his passion. To summarize, if you only have time or money for just one of the many wine bars in Copenhagen: make it this one.


Nansensgade 45, Centre
Natural wine bars in Copenhagen

Cozy, cozy, cozy. Although not one of the originals, but still an excellent option nonetheless, this wine bar is perhaps more suited to new wine drinkers. Bibendum regularly offers wine tasting events, which is a great option for solo travellers looking to meet like-minded wine enthusiasts.

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