The Montreal City Guide

Montreal city guide

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Call it the Paris of North America or the most European city this side of the pond, call it whatever you like; Montreal remains a distinctive city regardless of the superlatives used to describe it. Whether you’re visiting Montreal for the first or the hundredth time, this insightful guide will take you to places locals like me hold in high regards. Find out where we go for a romantic date, for happy hour drinks, for designer splurges, and for Instagram-friendly coffee shops.

What’s In This Montreal City Guide

Walking Itineraries
Montreal is best explored on foot, thanks to a compact center and camera-ready streets. I’ve put together a few walking routes that encompass the best things to do in each neighbourhood.

Accommodation Suggestions
Whether you opt for a 5* hotel or a budget-friendly ultra-modern room, find out what I think are the best hotels in Montreal in terms of quality, service, and location. I also included a curated list of local Airbnb’s if that’s more your thing!

Photography Inspiration
There’s an entire section about places that are particularly photogenic, from colourful facades to chic coffee shops.

Neighbourhood Guides
Depending on how long you’re in town for, you may not have enough time to see everything between Old-Montreal and Little Italy. Get the low-down on the five main neighbourhoods so you can have a more local, more focused experience in Montreal.

Restaurant, Cafés, Boutiques, Bars
Montreal is nothing if not an epicurean city. It has more restaurants per capita than New York City, the indie coffee scene is incredibly effervescent, and bars, well, are quite plentiful. With this list, you won’t be fooled into sitting down at tourist traps!

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What Makes Me A Montreal Expert

I’ve been living in Montreal for the better part of my life, and I happen to run a travel blog for a living. This allows me to see my hometown from a visitor’s point of view, with a fresh set of eyes, and to know precisely what aspects of the city will be most enjoyable for them. There are tourist traps in this town – like everywhere else – and the last thing I want is for any of you to walk right into them.

This comprehensive, 50-page city guide contains over 200 suggestions (hotels, restaurants, parks, bars, viewpoints, etc.), all of which I have personally tested and endorse, and that I am certain will contribute to a positive experience in this beautiful city.

Let me help you plan your Montreal getaway!

Get your copy now for just $9!

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