This page lists highly-curated, non-sponsored travel equipment that I personally own and have tested (and, therefore, approve of) over my 10+ years of travel – it includes all of my favourite gear, from travel cameras to miscellaneous accessories and gadgets.


travel camera olympus omd5Olympus E-M5 MARK II

I wanted a light and powerful camera that was simple to use on my travels, with changeable lenses and within my price range; I wanted the unicorn of travel photography – I found it with this Olympus.

travel camera olympus 7-14 mm lensM.Zuiko ED 7-14mm f2.8

Heavyweight performance, lightweight portability. This weatherproof lens is has an ultra-wide angle of view and a bright f2.8 maximum aperture, allowing you to capture sprawling daytime panoramas to electric, super-sharp night scenes.

travel camera olympus 25mm lensOLYMPUS 25mm f1.8

My go-to lens! I use in roughly 75% of the time. Ideal for portraits, food photos, and close-up shots. It has a nice natural brightness to it and requires very little post-editing work.






travel-luggage-suitcasesHAYS suitcase

This is the best luggage I ever had: lightweight with a 360-degree spinner wheel system, a TSA-approved lock, and a 5-year warranty. Perfect for the frequent traveller and the uneven, cobblestone European streets.

travel gifts weekender bagLo & Sons weekender bag

You’re going to need a sturdy, functional bag to fit all of this stuff. The OG Weekender features a padded laptop compartment with several pockets, crafted from premium materials. Fits perfectly underneath most airplane seats.

travel gifts packing cubesPacking cubes

I am a bit of a neat freak and few things irritate me more than rummaging through my suitcase in search of that one item. These packing cubes help me stay organised – I have one for underwear, one for tech and one for food.






travel adapterInternational power adapter kit

Equipped with 5 AC plugs for travel in the UK, the US, Australia, continental Europe and Japan, and also features 2 USB charging ports and 1 micro USB charging cable.

travel headphones parrot zikPARROT Noise-cancelling headphones

These wireless, bluetooth headphones not only cancel the screams of tired infants but they also dampen the noise of the plane itself. They’re life-savers for red-eye flights and long travel days! They have a touchstone panel on the right headphone that is extremely useful.

travel phone charger caseMophie charging + protective iPhone case

Because I use my phone A LOT when I travel (for taking photos, consulting maps, updating social networks, taking notes, etc.), my battery drains very quickly. This iPhone battery case has been a life-saver on many occasions.





travel organizer griditGRID-it organiser

SO over having to untangle wires and cables every time I open my suitcase. This flat pad with elasticated strips holds everything in place and fits easily in travel bags of any size.

travel gifts luggage scaleLuggage scale

To avoid pesky (not to mention costly!) surprises at the airport. This money-saving travel gadget has an easy-to-read LCD display with low battery and overload indications.

travel gifts laundry bagTravel-size laundry bag

This whimsical laundry bag is self-explanatory but essential nonetheless—especially when travelling in humid climates or on sports-oriented trips. You don’t want your clean clothes to smell like your dirty ones, do you?