Walking Along the Thames from Chelsea to Tower Bridge – in Photos

While some people think that London isn’t a walkable city, I like to think the opposite. I do love a bus ride here and there, but I truly feel most comfortable on my own two feet, my earphones blasting Arctic Monkeys and my camera always ready to snap.  And during my last trip to London, that’s exactly what I did.

To me, there’s nothing quite like walking along the Thames to truly enjoy some of the most important sights of London. There’s just something about Tower Bridge, St.Paul’s, Houses of Parliament… no matter how touristy, they’ll always have a special place in my heart.

photos of london
Along the Thames by the Houses of Parliament
photos of london
Houses of Parliament at sunset

Somehow, I can’t seem to get to the Houses of Parliament by daylight! But considering how strikingly beautiful Big Ben is at sunset, I don’t really mind.

And then I was off to the City. I was blessed with a gorgeous sunset that day, and while clouds are to London what sunshine is to Cuba, it creates magical sunsets when the sun does dare to come out a little bit.

photos of london
The City
photos of london
Tower Bridge
photos of london
London’s quirky City Hall

I waited a little while on the banks there, just waiting for the sun to set and taking in my surroundings. I loved watching joggers, workers going home, Japanese tourist groups, locals just hanging around. And then, before I even realized it, it was fully dark and all the lights came on.

photos of london
Tower Bridge at night
photos of london
The Horniman at Hay’s Pub on the Thames bank

This particular pub (and it’s terrace!) is a favorite of mine. It’s very quaint, and very much like what pubs are in the mind of foreigners – welcoming, ale-smelling and bustling.

photos of london
St. Paul’s Cathedral and Millenium Bridge

And after all that walking around, I was getting pretty tired, even though my heart didn’t want to go to bed.  It could’ve kept walking all night! I got back to my hotel with take-away sushi, feeling a little sad… but when I zapped on Shakespeare in Love on the telly, I knew it was the perfect end to the perfect evening.

photos of london
River Thames

What’s your favorite spot to take photos of London? Do you prefer London by day or night?


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