Haga, Gothenburg’s Coolest Neighborhood

haga goteborg

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Scandinavia in general, and Sweden in particular. Consequently, I was very much looking forward to discovering the country’s up and coming hip city, Goteborg.

And after a morning cruise in the archipelago, it could hardly get better, right?

Well, surprisingly,  it did.

haga goteborg haga goteborg haga goteborg

It’s fair to say that pretty much ALL of Sweden is already a notch cooler than the rest of the world. And Haga is no exception. Not unlike New York’s Williamsburg, Berlin’s Prenzlauer or even Stockholm’s Södermalm, but on a smaller scale, Haga is sort of a hipster central, but not so much that it feels intimidating. It’s welcoming, it’s cool, it’s quirky.

And it makes for a perfect afternoon in Goteborg. Rain or shine, summer or winter – it’s always a good time to visit Haga.

Haga is actually a bit out of the main center of Goteborg – but very easily reachable on the retro tram – because it’s actually the city’s oldest suburb, dating as far back as the 18th century. But it wasn’t always this great – in fact, it used to be pretty run down and gritty, up until the mid-80s when Haga went through a major revitalization and became the übercool area that it is today.

haga goteborg haga goteborg haga goteborg haga goteborg haga goteborg

Cozy cafés, quirky shops, cobblestone streets, original architecture are amongst the things you can expect to find in Haga. It’s not the typical neighborhood you do sightseeing in – in fact, there is very little to actually see, but so much to feel, and experience.

If there was ONE thing you should visit Haga for, it’s gotta be this: the world’s most bad-ass biggest cinnamon rolls.

The photo couldn’t possibly give them full credit – I kid you not, these God-sent babies were bigger than my head, and smelled like I had gone to sugary heaven. It’s practically impossible to eat an entire roll in one sitting, which is only for the better, though, because you’ll get to enjoy them even longer!

A few of my favorite stops in Haga:

  • Cafe Kringlan : Of course! Hello 45 centimeters large cinnamon rolls.
  • The Heart Store: every single item in this store is heart-shaped, heart-patterned or features a heart of some sort.
  • Trätoffelfabrik & Läderaffä: Yes – a clog factory!
  • Liten Karin: For original and unique toys.
  • Bebop Antik: For some of the best designer antiques in Sweden
  • Skansen Kronan: For a bit of history, AND gorgeous views over the city – but only on Sundays.
  • Twist&Tango: To indulge in some Swedish fashion.

I really enjoyed myself in Haga, and it made me feel like I was part of this hip Sweden everyone is raving about, if only for a few hours. And now, I can definitely see what the fuss is about (and not just because I was on a sugar high).

[disclaim]Disclaimer: I was a guest of Visit Goteborg & Eurail.com. As always, all opinions are my own.[/disclaim]

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