My Absolute Favourite Photos Of Quebec City

Although I will forever and ever be team Montreal (a girl’s gotta represent, yo), I have to give Quebec City some well-deserved credit. The only walled city north of Mexico keeps luring tourists in, enticing them with its old-world charm, its European flair, and, of course, its undeniably photogenic attributes.

And when you’re admiring the view from the waterfront or walking on some of America’s oldest streets, it’s hard to argue. The city knows how to please without even trying. If Quebec City was a girl, she’d be the kind of #flawless girl who wakes up in the morning without a hint of a zit and a breath that doesn’t smell and hair that feels like the fur of a newborn golden retriever. If Quebec City was a girl, I’d hate her instantly, out of sheer jealousy.

To prove my point, here are the 27 best photos of Quebec City out of the 1000+ I’ve taken over the years. I could’ve been more selective, but I presumed you wouldn’t really mind the overload ;-) There are worst things in life than too many photos of this gorgeous town.

chateau frontenac quebec city

Picnic in Parc du Bastion de la Reine, with Ile d’Orléans in the background

Photos of Quebec City - Rue du Petit Champlain

Rue du Petit Champlain

old quebec

Rue du Trésor


photos of quebec city

Rue du Petit-Champlain and the many shops

photos of quebec city 18

On the ferry between Québec and Lévis

photos of quebec city

Historic Terrasse Dufferin

photos of quebec city

Historic Terrasse Dufferin


photos of quebec city

Concert on Place Royale, Quebec City’s oldest settlement

quebec city guide 28

Admiring the view from the ferry terminal on boulevard Champlain

quebec city guide 22

Houses of Place Royale

quebec city

Rue Sous Le Fort, looking up at the funicular

quebec city guide 17

Walking on Rue Saint-Louis

photos of quebec city

A photogenic reminder that Canada is, indeed, still part of the Commonwealth

photos of quebec city

Traditional New France architecture on Rue du Parloir


quebec city guide 20

Oh hello there :-)

quebec city guide 15

Assemblée Nationale, the government building of the province of Quebec

quebec city guide 9

The view from Escaliers Casse-Cou

quebec city guide 7

The many restaurants of rue Saint-Paul

quebec city guide 6

Jardin Jeanne d’Arc, one of my favourite green patches in the city

photos of quebec city

Newly-refurbished Champlain Restaurant inside Château Frontenac – killer brunches!

chateau frontenac

They don’t make them like that no more! Architectural details inside Château Frontenac

chateau frontenac le sam

Chef at work at bistro Le Sam, also inside the château


photos of quebec city

The many frescoes of Old Quebec – a great way to understand what life used to be like in these parts

photos of quebec city

There’s a storm brewing up behind the château!

photos of quebec city

Fontaine de Tourny and Assemblée Nationale at nightfall

photos of quebec city

Old Quebec streets are photogenic by day and by night

photos of quebec city

Sunrise from my room at the Hilton – the best views to wake up to!

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2 Comments on My Absolute Favourite Photos Of Quebec City

  1. Stephen Garone
    December 30, 2015 at 11:44 am (3 years ago)

    Nice photos! The Parc du Bastion de la Reine is one of my favorite spots to shoot Chateau Frontenac.

    • Marie-Eve
      December 30, 2015 at 1:58 pm (3 years ago)

      Thank you Stephen! It’s such a photogenic spot, especially in winter!


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