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Where to Stay in Paris: Hotel Opéra Richepanse

Hotel Opéra Richepanse

Breaking news: there is absolutely no shortage of hotels in Paris. From lavish palaces to luxury hostels and just about everything in between, from Saint-Germain to Belleville, hospitality is highly competitive in Paris and it can often be difficult to find the most suitable option for your own set of needs. Enter Hotel Opéra Richepanse, a […]

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Alsace Road Trip: My Suggested Itinerary

Alsace roadtrip

Fate would have it that the first adventure I would undertake as a new expat in France was an Alsace road trip, something I was glad to cross off my bucket list. I didn’t need much talking into; I’m a big fan of white wine and 15th-century architecture and trust me, it doesn’t get any better than […]

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How to Spend a Non-Touristy 24 Hours in Paris

24 hours in Paris

“I’ll just do that next time I’m in town” is something I’ve said more times than I can count as far as Paris is concerned. Not because I want to be obnoxious about my travel-focused lifestyle, but rather because Paris is a city that I somehow always seems to cross paths with. While it wasn’t […]

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