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16 things to do in the province of Quebec

Let me start by stressing just how BIG the province of Quebec. 1,542,056 km big, to be exact. That’s 6.7 times bigger than Britain. 5.4 times bigger than Texas. 37.3 times bigger than Switzerland. You get the idea. It does take a long time to get anywhere, and the better part of this massive piece of […]

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5 Easy Day Trips From Montreal

Day Trips From Montreal Toronto

I often tell people that from Montreal, it’s more expensive and longer for me to go to Vancouver than to go to London. Let that sink in for a bit. Canada definitely isn’t the kind of place where you can just go somewhere on a whim, because there’s a fairly good chance that somewhere is […]

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Moving to Montreal: What You Need to Know

winter in montreal

Being a Montrealer myself, it’s kind of hard to explain the things I have known ever since I was born, and taken for granted ever since I was old enough to live by myself (in my case, 16 years old). But I figured that considering just how popular Montreal is on the expat list, and […]

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A Guide to Montreal’s Festivals

If there is one thing Montreal is famous for, it’s the hundreds of festivals it hosts every year, most of them either free or really cheap. Music, visual art, cinema, fireworks, museums, there’s something for everyone! Tourism Montreal has a pretty thorough list of festivals throughout the year, but here’s a selection of my personal favorites. […]

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